The Best Value for Your Money.

A move to a retirement living community shouldn’t require that you give up your preferences, desires or control over your personal budget. At Pine Ridge of Plumbrook, you can feel confident that you will receive the highest possible value for your money. With no large, upfront entrance fee to pay, you stay in control of your financial future and spend your money as you wish.

Your monthly rent allows you to experience dozens of convenient services and amenities. Best of all you get to choose the ones that work for you. The ability to choose enables you to create a custom lifestyle, paying for only the services that benefit you and bypassing others. As you create your desired lifestyle, you enjoy a diverse array of amenities, dining options and exceptional customer service — all while saving money and avoiding a large entrance fee.

Retaining your financial control provides you with peace of mind, a critical element for your mental and physical well-being.

A Fee Structure that Fits Your Lifestyle.

At Pine Ridge of Plumbrook, your monthly service fee fits your preferences: from the style of apartment you love to the associated amenities and services you want — and only the ones that help you create the life you desire. To speak with a representative about specific pricing tailored to your needs, please contact us today.


We’re Here to Help!

With all of the decisions you need to make in choosing a senior living community, we want to make sure you and your family have the information you need. Submit a request for more information and our team will be in touch shortly →