Incorporate wellness into your life.

When you commit to your wellness, you relish a lifestyle that helps keep your mind and body healthy and functioning at its full potential. At Pine Ridge of Plumbrook, we believe wellness plays a critical role in helping you maintain your individuality and independence. Our wellness philosophy provides you with multiple ways to keep your body, mind and spirit active and engaged with life.

How does our wellness philosophy manifest? We start with a focus on your potential to meet your goals with a personal wellness plan that promotes engagement and connection. In addition to the range of services and amenities available at Pine Ridge of Plumbrook, our commitment to wellness touches everything we do. As a resident, you’ll find a variety of programs, activities and opportunities for connecting with others.

To begin building your personal wellness plan, choose among options including:

Pine Ridge of Plumbrook embraces a wellness philosophy that begins with your potential to meet and exceed your personal goals. We work with you to build healthy physical activity and sound nutrition into your days. As a result, you will have the tools you need to embrace wellness as an everyday way of life.


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